Everyone has a story to tell – about his or her life, the ups and downs, challenges and successes, lessons learned. But time moves quickly and most people never have a chance to sit down and talk about what life has brought them. Often, not even family members, dear friends, or close associates know what made them who they are.

At Never Forget Press, we give you, someone you care about or who deserves special recognition, an opportunity to tell a life story in a beautiful, bound book or e-book (or both).

Our books are oral histories told in a person’s own words. They are premium products, intended as keepsakes for those who appreciate the value of words and a story well told. Look at examples of some of our work and see what we can do for you or someone else whose memories deserve to live on.

Publisher Jack Hayes: YOUR GUIDE ALONG THE WAY

Jack Hayes is the founder, editor and publisher of Never Forget Press. He worked for twenty years as a writer and editor for regional and national magazines (including LIFE magazine, Chicago magazine and Mpls.St. Paul magazine), in addition to being an English and Spanish instructor. Jack will be your guide through the process of producing your memoir.